We are givers at heart and we model that in our lives. We’re not trying to create a mega church with lots of beautiful buildings and facilities. Instead, we believe in being good neighbors to our community, and to giving back. A healthy community is ripe to hear God’s Word. We invite you to participate in what God’s doing here by sharing your resources.

Christmas in July

The Giving Tree is growing again!  You may remember that before Christmas we provided opportunities for members of Wesley to give the church a Christmas gift. It was an amazing season, and many gifts were given for things like child care, boxes of copy paper, the electric bill and even help towards mortgage.  Well, as we’re  celebrating Christmas in July this year, we wanted to give you another opportunity to make a gift to the church, this time to put towards some much-needed repair and upkeep.  Here is a list of how you might like to participate:

  • Replace and/or repair  rotten fascia boards.  This is our biggest project!  Cost is about $25 per foot.  How many feet would you like to sponsor?
  •  New Mulch for around the church and playground area, approximately $450.  
  •  Hire a plumber to repair  the leaky drain pipe in the kitchen (the 3 sink unit), approximately $300.
  •  Purchase 2 gallons of Behr Cedar Naturaltone stain to stain both bridges that were built by Eagle Scouts. Cost is about $40/gallon.
  •  Purchase a box of ceiling tiles to replace any that are stained from water damage.  A box of 16 ceiling tiles 24×24 cost approximately $56 at Lowes.  


However you’d like to participate, we will be grateful!  Just make a note on your check or on the generosity page of our website (here) that your gift is for the Giving Tree.